A Friend In Deed

Max the Goat has had a rough life. When he came down with deer worm at his former home, his then-owner let the disease progress to the point where the little guy could only get around by dragging himself by his front knees. Now, thankfully, he’s in the (tender loving) care of animal lover Jody Morris, who’s been working tirelessly to get him a clean bill of health and rehab him.

Unfortunately, Max’s story might not have a happy ending. “I’m not quite sure how long he has,” Jody admits to Moment of Awesome (in our first-ever interview). But she is certainly going to do her darnedest to give his story at least a happy middle. “We are just making sure this is his best summer ever.”
To that end, Jody has begun selling eye-catching Max T-shirts to help offset the costs of his care. “That idea came from one of my friends on Facebook,” she explains. “She thought raising a little bit of extra money for Max would help with his medical expenses and also help with the bucket list for him — such as, you know, buying his favorite treats, taking him places, that type of stuff.”
If you would like to help out — and get a stylish T-shirt with Max’s adorable face on it to boot — all you have to do is click HERE and place an order.


And if the thought of Max not making it seems more a Moment of Sadness than a Moment of Awesome… well, we get it. It bums us out, too. May we suggest that you cheer yourself up by taking a look at the way Jody and her four-legged friends celebrate the holidays?

What? Doesn’t everybody dress up like a cross between Lady Gaga and a Christmas tree for the amusement of their goats?

Stranger Things… The Sitcom!

There is probably no more creative group of people on the planet than fans. Time and again, we’re blown away by the things that those who love a TV show put together in honor of the thing they worship. In this case, a fan took the uber cool Netflix series, Stranger Things, and imagined what its opening credits might look like were it a sitcom from the ’80s era in which it is set! Very fun… but we have to take the creators to task for at least one thing: How could they possibly leave out our beloved Barb?

He Got Engaged… To A Burrito?

Sometimes, you can just tell that a couple isn’t going to make it. And as happy as we were when San Francisco-based scribe David Sikorsky announced his engagement last year, we suspected that his true love might not be long for this world.

You see, Sikorsky had gotten engaged to… a burrito.


Specifically, as reported at the time by the Huffington Post, a carne asada burrito from Taqueria La Cumbre.

Hey, we’re not here to judge. We believe that as long as love wins, it’s all good. But we can’t help assuming their relationship was short lived… whether because Sikorsky eventually ate his would-be bride or she, as will happen, went bad on him.

In reality, the writer posted the engagement pics — taken by his pal Kristina Bakrevski — in response to the fact that his Facebook news feed was filled with news about friends, in essence, growing up. “With so many domesticated photos of staged afternoon picnics in the park or [people] holding hands running along the beach,” he told the Huffington Post, I figured people would be interested in sharing the happiness of my own current love life situation as well!”


Now, as if all this isn’t awesome enough, it turns out that Sikorsky also happens to cover the music scene for Earmilk, a fantastic place to hear new music, and you being to suspect that the guy might just be the most awesome person we’ve yet to highlight!>


Need Inspiration? Try This Cool Content Generator!

Writer’s block. It happens to everyone, including bloggers. We suspect that every now and then, even the folks at Buzzfeed find themselves saying, “Ugh… I need to write about the 10 best somethings… but what?” Inspiration is your best friend when it shows up, and your worst enemy when it leave you hanging.


We feel your pain. Do you think it’s easy coming up with daily moments of awesome in a world that’s far too often anything but? That said, put your finger on the “bookmark this page” button, because we’re about to introduce you to your new best friend.

Say hello to Portent’s Content Idea Generator. (That sound you heard? Choirs of angels.)

Here’s how it works: simply.

Unleashing Our Inner Bugs Bunny

You go to the site, type in the topic you need to wax poetic about, hit enter… and voila! We tested the generator by telling it that we wanted to write about carrots. (We thought about using cheesecake as our test subject, but we’re on a diet.)


The first idea to come up was “The Insider’s Guide to Carrots.” Sounds like something rabbits and the people who love them would very much enjoy! But we wanted something else, so we hit enter again. “Why Carrots Are Better Than Not Getting A Rose.” Cute! Giving it one more try, we got, “16 Ways Knowing About Carrots Will Land You In Jail.”

Now, if you can’t write a killer blog with that title, you’re just not trying!

Who Created This?

Having never heard of Portent, the makers of the generator, we poked around on their site a bit. Turns out, the idea generator is exactly what you’d expect from the internet marketing agency. Instead of an “About Us” page, they offer up their “Philosophy.” There, CEO Ian Lurie writes the kind of introduction that… well, frankly, you’d expect from the folks who came up with that cool content generator!

“Intellectual curiosity,” he writes of a trait that the company looks for in employees, “also makes for somewhat quirky folks. I can’t say we actively seek out, er, unique people. But we do tend to find them. It makes our work more fun.”


And just like that, we want to work for Ian’s company. (This article comparing content strategizing to Tom Cruise’s career only cemented our new-found love.)

Instead, we went back to the content generator to see what ideas it might come up with if we typed in “moment of awesome.” Among the suggestions?

* How Moment Of Awesome Could Get You On OMG! Insider* How Moment Of Awesome Could Make Betty Draper A Better Mom
* Why You Shouldn’t Hold Back Your Moment Of Awesome
And my personal favorite…
* 8 Things Your Boss Expects You To Know About Moment Of Awesome

Guess we know what you’ll be reading about in the days to come!