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Norway Has Another A-ha Moment!

Previously, we thought the coolest thing to come out of Norway would be the threesome that sang “Take On Me” in the ’80s. But that was before we heard the Scandinavian country’s entry in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest (it’s sorta like American Idol, only a million times bigger and with a greater variety of accents).


Not only is the duo of “A Monster Like Me” music to our ears, its video is as gorgeous as it is wicked. Savor it!


This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Mary Poppins!

We live in a world where pretty much anything and everything more than 10 years old gets remade. And while nobody has actually decided to remake the beloved children’s movie Mary Poppins, this makes it sort of easy to imagine how easily the flick could be taken in a different direction for a whole new generation of viewers!