The Story Of Awesome

Q: What The… ?

A Moment of Awesome can be a person, place or thing. A noun or a verb but never a preposition. (Sorry, but ew!) It can be a humorous essay or a music video, or a musical essay or a humorous video. It can be a photo or a drawing, or a drawing of a photo. (Wait, how would that work, exactly?) But, any way you slice it, however you parse it—and, if you are going to parse it, don’t forget your safety goggles—it is still Awesome with a capital A.

Now then, have you had your Moment of Awesome for today? No? Then go ahead and enjoy one of ours. Other people made them, we gathered them, added water and garnish, and voila! Served them up for your amusement!

How awesome—sorry, Awesome—is that?



When not surfing the web, Richard Simms and Charlie Mason are editors at Soaps in Depth magazine. Richard enjoys going on cruises, talking about going on cruises and talking with people who are going on cruises. He also tweets more than most birds. Think we’re exaggerating? He can be found at @howrudeareyou, @soapsindepthabc, @soapsindepthcbs, @mellowmickey, @dispatchesftc… need we really go on? Charlie loves all things ’80s, from the hairdos he can no longer copy to the music he still plays as if it was current. They both love scary movies, binge-drinking and misquoting one another.

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