Trump & Clinton: The Duet

Let’s face it: There hasn’t been much to laugh about during this election cycle… at least not until now. Without further ado, let us present to you the musical stylings of Clinton & Trump as they perform their hit single, “Time Of My Life.”

As the lead character of Hedwig & The Angry Inch once said, “We laugh, because if we do not, we will cry.”

Best. Mash-up. Ever.

It may be tough for us to ever top the awesomeness that we’re sharing with you today, because… well, it’s just that darn good. While we don’t know who YouTubers Joyo and AbsoluteDestiny are, we are willing to declare them our favorite people on the planet. After all, they had the brilliant idea of taking those ever-fumbling folks who live inside infomercials — you know, the ones who find it impossible to do simple, everyday tasks — and set their struggle to exist to “Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want” by The Smiths.

What more perfect tune for the residents of Infomercial Land, whose entire wardrobe should consist of nothing but shirts emblazoned with the motto, “I Can’t Even!”


Spray Takes A, Er, Stab At Charlie Brown!

You know how a lot of pop stars take themselves terribly seriously and want to talk all the time about their “art” and stuff? England’s Spray is, thank heavens, not like that.

The brother/sister act comprised of Ricardo Autobahn and Jenny McLaren seems to love sharing a good laugh as much as they enjoy having one. As such, their output has included songs with titles as amusing as “Squabble at the Rotary Club,” “Everything’s Better With Muppets” (which also just happens to be true and “You Eat One Lousy Foot, and You’re a Cannibal” (which probably is also true).

Frankly, how “Everything’s Better With Muppets” didn’t get picked up for that “Muppet Show” reboot is beyond us! See/hear for yourself below.

Anyway, as an added bonus, beneath the duo’s cheekery, they match melodies that you’ll never get out of your head (even if you try) with electro-synth productions that percolate as appealingly as brewing coffee.

Spray’s latest album, Enforced Fun (giddily reviewed here by My Fizzy Pop!!), includes a deliriously deadpan introductory monologue by actress-singer Jane Badler (the hamster-eating villainess from TV’s “V” and man-eating vamp from music videos like “Four Corners to My Bed”). Their latest single, “It’s the Night of the Long Knives, Charlie Brown,” includes lines as memorably nonsensical as “It’s a million o’clock” and “I’m running low on acceptable pants.” You can check out the video — complete with headography — below.

And if you prefer to sing along, they’ve also created an eye-popping lyric video.

Full disclosure: Spray are pals of ours. They’ve even helped with a lot of the music for our elaborate home movies — and by “helped,” we mean “made it sound like music rather than what we and our relatives would sound like left to our/their own devices.” For instance, imagine our “smash soundtrack hit” “Idiot” without their professional intervention.

But that in no way diminishes Spray’s genius. If you doubt it, you may review further evidence via their animated — yes, animated! — video for “Manga Eyes.”