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Anxiety Blob Is Here To Help!

We’ve all felt anxiety at one point or another, but have you ever wondered what it might actually look like? When Nanea Hoffman, founder of Sweatpants & Coffee, decided to not only face her anxiety but give it form, she found it to be slightly lumpy, vaguely worried… and surprisingly cuddly! And thus, the Anxiety Blob was born.


Before long, the folks at SP&C had teamed up with Fleece Menagerie, makers of a pretty fantastic assortment of stuffed animals, to turn AB, as we like to call him/her, into a creature so adorable, you’ll happily take your anxieties to bed each night.

If you’re not familiar with Sweapants & Coffee, you really should be. The site — which bills itself as “a bastion of comfort and sanity in an often uncomfortable world” — has been providing readers with thoughtful commentary, inspirational memes,  hysterical weekly tweet round-ups and so much more on a daily basis since it’s inception three years ago. And given that our own mission here at Moment of Awesome is to offer people a daily respite from their worries, cares and concerns, it’s only natural that we’d love a site devoted to helping people feel better about themselves and the the world in which we live.


Better still, Nanea — yes, we’re fortune enough to be on a first-name basis with the site’s Big Cheese — is one of the best people you could ever hope to cross paths with. She and her crew work hard to cultivate a cross-section of regular and guest columnists who give the site a true feeling of community. There’s a reason so many visitors walk away knowing that they’ve found their “tribe!”


Now, if you’re wondering how in the world you’ve lived without an Anxiety Blob of your very own for so long, then click here to order your very own. Like the anxieties which spawned them, no two Blobs area alike. And because everyone — including that friend you think has it all together — has things bubbling beneath the surface you probably know nothing about, they also make the perfect gift!





Amazon Dash To The Rescue!

If you’re looking for a reason to sign-up for Amazon’s new Dash button, let me say six little words to you: Never run out of coffee again.


So what is the Amazon Dash button? Basically, if you are an Amazon Prime member, you can request a Dash button for one of 18 popular products. Say, for example, Tide laundry detergent. You program the button so that when pushed, it automatically places an Amazon order for the item you’re running low on. (Worried about someone accidentally pushing the button? Don’t… you get a text on your phone whenever an order is placed, making it easy to cancel!) This video might help explain it better than we can…

While some critics are calling the Dash button a rather blatant attempt to boost the number of people signing up for Amazon Prime — which it undoubtedly is — this is also one of those inventions that is so useful and so simple, it’s hard to believe nobody thought of it sooner.

Will you get a Dash button? What product would you use it to order most often?