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Cats Watching Horror Movies Is Apparently A Thing!

Earlier this week, someone sent us a link to a video of a cat watching a horror movie. “This would make a great Moment Of Awesome,” they said. “Don’t you think?” We most certainly did, and you can see why in the clip below.

But then we thought… wait, is this a thing? And as it turns out, it is! Apparently, cats really enjoy horror movies. Or at least, their owners really like their reactions to horror movies!

Now, we can’t say for sure that Cheetah is watching a horror flick, as claimed in the description, but he certainly seems to have assumed the position we usually take when doing so!

And while we sort of suspect that this is actually just a cute clip of a cat with music superimposed, who cares. It’s still awesome!

Proving they really are just like us, cats not only enjoy watching horror movies on TV, but they also know that Netflix offers a fine selection, and have become quite fond of streaming. Right, Bartholomew?

And finally, because we are an equal-opportunity blog, we’d be remiss if we didn’t give a shout out to movie-loving pups as well. We particularly like that in this video, the bulldog first turns from the movie to look at us as if to say, “Does this girl not KNOW she’s in danger?” and then, turning back to the movie, tries to warn her. Because he is, after all, man’s best friend.

A Friend In Deed

Max the Goat has had a rough life. When he came down with deer worm at his former home, his then-owner let the disease progress to the point where the little guy could only get around by dragging himself by his front knees. Now, thankfully, he’s in the (tender loving) care of animal lover Jody Morris, who’s been working tirelessly to get him a clean bill of health and rehab him.

Unfortunately, Max’s story might not have a happy ending. “I’m not quite sure how long he has,” Jody admits to Moment of Awesome (in our first-ever interview). But she is certainly going to do her darnedest to give his story at least a happy middle. “We are just making sure this is his best summer ever.”
To that end, Jody has begun selling eye-catching Max T-shirts to help offset the costs of his care. “That idea came from one of my friends on Facebook,” she explains. “She thought raising a little bit of extra money for Max would help with his medical expenses and also help with the bucket list for him — such as, you know, buying his favorite treats, taking him places, that type of stuff.”
If you would like to help out — and get a stylish T-shirt with Max’s adorable face on it to boot — all you have to do is click HERE and place an order.


And if the thought of Max not making it seems more a Moment of Sadness than a Moment of Awesome… well, we get it. It bums us out, too. May we suggest that you cheer yourself up by taking a look at the way Jody and her four-legged friends celebrate the holidays?

What? Doesn’t everybody dress up like a cross between Lady Gaga and a Christmas tree for the amusement of their goats?

Shelter Puppy Heals Fractured Hearts

Chiliana Kennedy may be the lead in Broadway’s “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical,” but at home, pups Molly and Dolly are the real stars. And the story of how Dolly, an adopted shelter puppy, helped the other members of the household learn to love again is truly something to sing about.


In a recent New York Post piece, writer Barbara Hoffman shared the heartwarming story just as New York City is preparing for the 18th annual Broadway Barks event. Kennedy reveals that six years ago, both she and Molly (a Portuguese water dog) were taking her divorce pretty badly.

Proving that people and pets are deeply connected on an emotional level, Kennedy says that Molly was “lethargic and didn’t even want to eat. When I went to work, the look of sadness on her face broke my heart.”  Deciding Molly needed a friend, Kennedy eventually added a poodle-terrier-dachshund mix she found on a rescue Web site into their household. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Although Dolly was petrified of people after having been taken from an emotionally abusive home, she quickly adjusted to life with her new forever family. And the newbie helped Molly, too! “They healed each other,” Kennedy tells the paper, adding that they had the same effect on her.

Flash-forward a few years, and the household now includes a new man and a baby. Because what sort of fairy tale would not include high school sweethearts reconnecting 14 years later, as Kennedy and beau Jacob James did? Making the story even more dramatic: He actually tried to stop her first marriage by calling, out of the blue and after having not spoken for two years, to say she couldn’t go through with it! (In recounting the tale to Playbill, she admitted, “I hung up on him!”)


Next on Kennedy’s appearance list is the aforementioned Broadway Barks, an amazing event created in 1999 by Bernadette Peters and Mary Tyler Moore. Featuring, as they used to say, “more stars than light up the heavens,” BB helps New York City’s shelter animals find forever homes while also raising money. For those who’d love to show their support, but can’t actually attend the event, the organization sells Man’s Best Friend bracelets, which can be purchased here!



Fall In (Puppy) Love With This Corgi Video

The whole reason we created Moment of Awesome was to make people smile. So when we sat down to think about what we’d feature on the first day of our launch (technically, a re-launch), we knew it had to involve a puppy. Who doesn’t love puppies in general, and corgi’s in particular? And once we’d made that decision, well… the rest fell into place.

Meet Hercules, a Welsh Corgi who is about to take you through a typical day in his life. You might as well bookmark this page right now, because you’re going to find yourself wanting to spend time with Hercules every time you need a pick-me-up.

So welcome to Moment of Awesome… which will likely never be able to post anything better than this in the future. But we’ll try!

Cutest Commercial Ever?

Okay, we’ll admit it: The folks at Android got us. After all, we’re only human! How can we possibly not share this adorable ad featuring unlikely animal pairs frolicking to a song that practically defines “earworm”? As much as we hate ourselves for posting what is an advertisement, when it’s this darn cute, how can we possibly resist? That tune, by the way, is Roger Miller’s “Oo-De-Lally”, which was used on the soundtrack of Disney’s 1973 flick Robin Hood. You’re welcome.

The Cat Post Even Dog People Will Love!

There are a lot of great reasons to adopt a pet, but perhaps the very best is the difference we can make in their lives. And now, a post of before-and-after photos has been put together to show just how true that really is. And talk about a win/win situation… sure, the lives of the cats in question were made better, but we feel 100 percent confident in saying that the lives of their owners were, too! So enjoy this wildly awesome post… and then show us the cat who made a difference in your life in the comments section!