Meet Your New Addiction: Danger 5

Nazis and dinosaurs and robots… oh my!

danger 5
Welcome to the bizarre world of Danger 5, an Australian series which last month made its Netflix debut. Although it pretty much defies description, we’re going to do our best. Set during World War II, Danger 5 follows the adventures of a group of international spies — bet you can guess how many based on the title — who are out to kill Hitler. Along the way, they must deal with She Nazis, blimps which steal the Eiffel Tower and someone claiming to be from the lost city of Atlantis.

Tell us you’re not intrigued. On the off chance you somehow aren’t completely convinced yet, here’s the trailer. But be warned: Once you’ve seen it, there’s no turning back. Close the shades and block the doors, because you’re about to go on a binge.

You can thank us later.

Fun With Bigots!

We’re sure that Indiana is just chock full of wonderful people. Unfortunately, they’re being overshadowed these days by some of the politicians who’d love nothing more than to see the state legalize discrimination. In discussing a new law scheduled to be implemented this July, representative Ed DeLaney told a group of protesters  it “does not openly allow discrimination, no, but what it does is create a road map, a path to discrimination.”


Even as it became clear that the new law threatened to not only embarrass state officials but have an economic impact thanks to companies taking their business elsewhere, the Internet Action Force uploaded a video proving that sometimes, the best approach is to fight fire with funny. Perhaps Indiana’s board of tourism should consider adapting this approach! If you can’t fight ’em, welcome ’em!




That Great Dirty Dancing Ad!

Face it: You can’t hear “Time Of My Life” without lip syncing and recreating a couple of the moves made famous in the 1987 flick Dirty Dancing.


There was a time when we all wanted to be Baby or Johnny, and there’s simply no denying it. Which is why the new commercial from United Health care strikes so close to home. It’s not just that it’s a cute ad, which it is, but rather that it’s something we can all relate to. We’re not laughing at the couple, we’re laughing with them. Haven’t seen it yet? Check it out below!

The Biggest Winner

Ever have one of those days when you know you need to exercise, it’s darn near impossible to find the motivation to get your butt off the couch and do it? Well, let Derek Mitchell inspire you.


At 570 pounds, the Kansas City, Missouri native told the folks at Runner’s World Newswire that he has vowed to run a 5k — that’s 3.1 miles — every month for the rest of the year… and two in May! Mitchell hopes to shed about 250 pounds along the way, and has made changes to his diet to help accomplish that goal.

So take a moment to read his story here, and then step away from the computer, put down the bag of chips and bust a move. Because if Derek Mitchell can’t inspire you, then nobody can!

General Hospital Like You’ve Never Seen It


It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a whole lot of really talented folks to make a soap opera. But if you’ve ever wanted to go behind the scenes, then we’ve got a real treat for you today. The folks at ABC’s GENERAL HOSPITAL have put together a laugh-filled series called GH NOW in which Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) and a plethora of actors from the show shares secrets and laughs with viewers. Watch the first episode — in which Grahn gets more than her share of lovin’ from a few co-stars — and you’re sure to be hooked. The episodes can be found on, and all six are currently available for binge viewing. Or you can click here to watch the first episode!

Wrestling Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

Let’s face it: Sometimes, you want to just kick back and enjoy something brainless. And when it comes to entertainment, wrestling is probably about as brainless as it comes. We’re talking WWE Smackdown and Raw, which bills itself as “professional wrestling” in a way that makes you wonder if perhaps they don’t know what either word truly means… and is ridiculously fun.


Here, Max Landis — who wrote the fantastic flick Chronicle — does a nice job of explaining, in comedic fashion and with cameos from actors like Seth Green and David Arquette, the world of wrestling. He follows the rise of Triple H, the arrival of John Cena and, in our favorite segment, a dude known as The Undertaker.

“The undertaker is a wizard,” explains Landis, “a satanic magician, and no, I don’t know why he’s a wrestler.”

In the end, Landis explains why the fact that wrestling isn’t real doesn’t matter… and you’ll no doubt agree.

Warning: As one might expect, there’s a fair amount of bad language involved!


Home Depot: The Musical


If there’s one thing every single advertisement sets out to do, it’s get — and keep — your attention. And that’s not easy. After all, we’re a people with short attention spans. Also, it’s an ad. A commercial. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Unless, perhaps, it’s this fun musical mashup in which a trio of happy Home Depot employees sing Disney tunes rewritten to reflect everything from flooring to paint chips. The result is so ridiculously entertaining that you might well find yourself sitting through the entire thing… despite it running nearly eight minutes. Stranger still, you might find yourself — like us — compelled to share it.


Hey, mosnters are people, too! Need proof? Look no further than these awesome cartoons featuring some frighteningly familiar creatures who suffer the same insecurities as the rest of us. Sure, Medusa’s snake-filled hair turns people to stone, but did you ever think about the difficulties she faces in finding a stylist? Check out this fantastic artworks by Teo Zirinis, then swing by her website ( for tons more cool illustrations that, whether in the form of a print or a T-shirt, would make fantastic gifts!




But wait… there’s more! Looking for something a tad less ghoul-ish? How about mildly obscene fruit? Or mice fighting the good fight?


Fantastic as those are, however, our personal favorite has to be this absolutely perfect image which captures all the many demons waiting to gleefully devour your labors if you forget to push hit the “save” button!




Cutest Commercial Ever?

Okay, we’ll admit it: The folks at Android got us. After all, we’re only human! How can we possibly not share this adorable ad featuring unlikely animal pairs frolicking to a song that practically defines “earworm”? As much as we hate ourselves for posting what is an advertisement, when it’s this darn cute, how can we possibly resist? That tune, by the way, is Roger Miller’s “Oo-De-Lally”, which was used on the soundtrack of Disney’s 1973 flick Robin Hood. You’re welcome.