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You Can Do Anything!

For years, Nike ads have been telling people to “Just Do It.” And that’s a message we here at Moment Of Awesome fully support… whether that means giving yourself permission to relax or pushing yourself to start a new exercise program. So when we saw Nike’s new ad campaign — timed to the Rio Olympics, a true testament to what people can do — we had to share it. Because not only is it inspirational, but it’s also a whole lot of fun. Enjoy!


Fun With Bigots!

We’re sure that Indiana is just chock full of wonderful people. Unfortunately, they’re being overshadowed these days by some of the politicians who’d love nothing more than to see the state legalize discrimination. In discussing a new law scheduled to be implemented this July, representative Ed DeLaney told a group of protesters  it “does not openly allow discrimination, no, but what it does is create a road map, a path to discrimination.”


Even as it became clear that the new law threatened to not only embarrass state officials but have an economic impact thanks to companies taking their business elsewhere, the Internet Action Force uploaded a video proving that sometimes, the best approach is to fight fire with funny. Perhaps Indiana’s board of tourism should consider adapting this approach! If you can’t fight ’em, welcome ’em!




That Great Dirty Dancing Ad!

Face it: You can’t hear “Time Of My Life” without lip syncing and recreating a couple of the moves made famous in the 1987 flick Dirty Dancing.


There was a time when we all wanted to be Baby or Johnny, and there’s simply no denying it. Which is why the new commercial from United Health care strikes so close to home. It’s not just that it’s a cute ad, which it is, but rather that it’s something we can all relate to. We’re not laughing at the couple, we’re laughing with them. Haven’t seen it yet? Check it out below!

Home Depot: The Musical


If there’s one thing every single advertisement sets out to do, it’s get — and keep — your attention. And that’s not easy. After all, we’re a people with short attention spans. Also, it’s an ad. A commercial. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Unless, perhaps, it’s this fun musical mashup in which a trio of happy Home Depot employees sing Disney tunes rewritten to reflect everything from flooring to paint chips. The result is so ridiculously entertaining that you might well find yourself sitting through the entire thing… despite it running nearly eight minutes. Stranger still, you might find yourself — like us — compelled to share it.

Cutest Commercial Ever?

Okay, we’ll admit it: The folks at Android got us. After all, we’re only human! How can we possibly not share this adorable ad featuring unlikely animal pairs frolicking to a song that practically defines “earworm”? As much as we hate ourselves for posting what is an advertisement, when it’s this darn cute, how can we possibly resist? That tune, by the way, is Roger Miller’s “Oo-De-Lally”, which was used on the soundtrack of Disney’s 1973 flick Robin Hood. You’re welcome.