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Trump & Clinton: The Duet

Let’s face it: There hasn’t been much to laugh about during this election cycle… at least not until now. Without further ado, let us present to you the musical stylings of Clinton & Trump as they perform their hit single, “Time Of My Life.”

As the lead character of Hedwig & The Angry Inch once said, “We laugh, because if we do not, we will cry.”

Best. Mash-up. Ever.

It may be tough for us to ever top the awesomeness that we’re sharing with you today, because… well, it’s just that darn good. While we don’t know who YouTubers Joyo and AbsoluteDestiny are, we are willing to declare them our favorite people on the planet. After all, they had the brilliant idea of taking those ever-fumbling folks who live inside infomercials — you know, the ones who find it impossible to do simple, everyday tasks — and set their struggle to exist to “Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want” by The Smiths.

What more perfect tune for the residents of Infomercial Land, whose entire wardrobe should consist of nothing but shirts emblazoned with the motto, “I Can’t Even!”


Star Trek Meets Dubsmash

Sometimes, making movies can be… well, kinda boring. There’s a whole lot of sitting around and waiting while shots are set up, lighting is adjusted, other actors are filming their lines. This leaves a lot of actors with time on their hands and, being the creative folks they are, good times often ensue. For the cast of the big-screen Star Trek movies, that often involved making Dubsmash videos.

For the uninitiated, allows folks to pick a song or bit of dialogue and then, with a little editing magic, dub themself over the audio for a lip-syncing experience that would make RuPaul proud.  Why? Watch the video below — edited together by the folks at Epic Movie Edits — and we’re pretty sure you’ll understand. (Also, your crushes on Chris Pine, Karl Urban and John Cho to grow tenfold!)

If you want to see the original videos as posted by the actors, the YouTube video above has all of the links in the “show more” section. Meanwhile, if you want to entertain us — and we would greatly appreciate it — make a Dubsmash video of your own and post it in the comments!

Possibly The Best Olympics Sportscast Ever!

As the 2016 Summer Olympics — which seemed largely comprised of beach volleyball and water polo — come to an end this weekend, we wanted to do something to honor the hard working folks who make it all possible. No, silly, not the athletes… the past two weeks have been about honoring them! No, we want to honor the broadcasters who find themselves in the sometimes unenviable position of having to fill time between events. So in that vein, we present what we believe might be the single best Olympics sportscasting video of all time. Or at least the funniest.

At first, it seems as if sportscaster Mary Carillo is simply going to talk to us a bit about the difference between the badminton set you might use in your back yard and those used at the Olympics. But before long, things spiral into an epic rant that we guarantee will not only have you laughing aloud, but sharing it with your friends. So join us now as we travel back to the year 2004, and we’ll let Mary take it from here…

Stranger Things… The Sitcom!

There is probably no more creative group of people on the planet than fans. Time and again, we’re blown away by the things that those who love a TV show put together in honor of the thing they worship. In this case, a fan took the uber cool Netflix series, Stranger Things, and imagined what its opening credits might look like were it a sitcom from the ’80s era in which it is set! Very fun… but we have to take the creators to task for at least one thing: How could they possibly leave out our beloved Barb?

The Beards Bid Farewell

We’re pretty sure that when you think bands with beards, you think of ZZ Top. Who doesn’t, right?


Anyone who’s ever heard the awesome music of the Australian group The Beards… that’s who!


Originally founded back in 2005 in Adelaide, South Australia — not be confused with Arendelle, the fictional home of Anna and Elsa — the foursome have since developed a cult following by singing about nothin’ but beards, beards, beards. (In fact, that happened to be the name of their second album… <i>Beards, Beards, Beards</i>!

Now, most people consider their breakout hit to be a tune called “If Your Dad Doesn’t Have A Beard, You’ve Got Two Mums,” we’re partial to a tune called “I’m In The Mood For Beards.”

In 2015, the band marked a decade of making music by putting out a 2-disc compilation called “Ten Long Years, One Long Beard” and now, it looks as if they are doing a farewell tour, with their final performance slated to be held October 28, at The Governor Hindmarsh in the place where it all started, Adelaide, Australia.

We’re not sure exactly why they’re calling it quits… heck, maybe they’re just itching to shave! But we know that if they put on a show anywhere we can get to, we’ll be there!



Fall In (Puppy) Love With This Corgi Video

The whole reason we created Moment of Awesome was to make people smile. So when we sat down to think about what we’d feature on the first day of our launch (technically, a re-launch), we knew it had to involve a puppy. Who doesn’t love puppies in general, and corgi’s in particular? And once we’d made that decision, well… the rest fell into place.

Meet Hercules, a Welsh Corgi who is about to take you through a typical day in his life. You might as well bookmark this page right now, because you’re going to find yourself wanting to spend time with Hercules every time you need a pick-me-up.

So welcome to Moment of Awesome… which will likely never be able to post anything better than this in the future. But we’ll try!

Bohemian Rhapsody… With A Twist!

It’s probably safe to say that Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody is one of the best known pieces of music from the modern rock era. Thanks to its use in movies, TV shows and advertisements, even people who think they don’t know the tune have probably had the earworm stuck in their head.


But you’ve probably never heard it done quite like this…

Because when you think of Bohemian Rhapsody, it’s unlikely you think of a pipe organ, let alone a player pipe organ. So I suggest bookmarking this page, because after watching this awesome video, you may find yourself unable to hear the original tune without immediately wanting to show everyone in the vicinity this clip…

When Bette Davis Met Divine

For his follow-up to his viral smash mash-up “The Golden Age of Video,” Ricardo Autobahn allowed the kibitzing of this site’s Charlie Mason, whose obsession with femmes fatales is as well known as Margo Channing’s fondness for martinis.


The result is “The Golden Age of Bad Girls,” which is almost certainly the only song you’ll hear today that features the vocal stylings of actresses ranging from Taylor Swift to Kim Richards and from Molly Ringwald to Maggie Smith. If you’d like to do the math, take Autobahn’s “Golden Age of Video” (edited by the indefatigable Rev. Diva Schematic)…

… add to it Charlie’s vixen addiction, as exhibited in his own tribute video…


… and you wind up with “The Golden Age of Bad Girls”:


How many of the flicks and their oh-do-devilish divas can you name? List them in the comment section below! Ready? Set… GO!

Meet England’s Coolest Swingers!

There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who sort of geek out over Eurovision, and those who somehow remain completely oblivious to the international song competition. Given that MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow has publicly declared herself to be one of the former, we consider ourselves to be in good company.

For the uninitiated, Eurovision features several dozen countries performing songs which are often wildly over the top. How far? Well, last year’s winner was Conchita Wurst, a bearded drag queen who belted out the tune “Rise Like a Phoenix.” (In the name of full disclosure, it should be noted that “Phoenix” was co-written by this site’s co-founder, Charlie Mason!) Over the years, the festival has featured singing pirates, crooning grannies and even, in 2008, a ginormous warbling turkey named Dustin.

Sometimes, being the Wurst can be awesome!
Sometimes, being the Wurst can be awesome!


But every now and then, some truly awesome music emerges, including this year’s entry from Britain, “Still In Love With You” by the pop duo Electro Velvet. The catchy song will have you tapping your toes and comparing it to 1983’s version of the Irving Berlin classic “Puttin’ On The Ritz.” Not that everyone is thrilled with the selection. Writing for Britain’s The Telegraph, Neil McCormick slammed the selection as “a trumped up cabaret duo featuring the frontman for a Rolling Stones tribute act and a girl who failed the blind audition for the last series of The Voice performing an ersatz music hall jazz triffle written to order by a veteran professional jingle writer.”

Bianca Nicholas and Alex Larke prove they’re a couple of swingers!
Bianca Nicholas and Alex Larke prove they’re a couple of swingers!


Then again, trashing Eurovision entries is traditionally half the fun and, where England is concerned, practically a national pastime. Eurovision 2015 will be broadcast from Vienna beginning on May 19, at which point the world will be able to judge the United Kingdom’s entry for themselves. Want to get a jump start on the judging? That’s why we’re here! Ready? Set? Dance!

So… does England have a hit or a miss on its hands? Sound-off in the comment section below!