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Meet Your New Addiction: Danger 5

Nazis and dinosaurs and robots… oh my!

danger 5
Welcome to the bizarre world of Danger 5, an Australian series which last month made its Netflix debut. Although it pretty much defies description, we’re going to do our best. Set during World War II, Danger 5 follows the adventures of a group of international spies — bet you can guess how many based on the title — who are out to kill Hitler. Along the way, they must deal with She Nazis, blimps which steal the Eiffel Tower and someone claiming to be from the lost city of Atlantis.

Tell us you’re not intrigued. On the off chance you somehow aren’t completely convinced yet, here’s the trailer. But be warned: Once you’ve seen it, there’s no turning back. Close the shades and block the doors, because you’re about to go on a binge.

You can thank us later.


Hey, mosnters are people, too! Need proof? Look no further than these awesome cartoons featuring some frighteningly familiar creatures who suffer the same insecurities as the rest of us. Sure, Medusa’s snake-filled hair turns people to stone, but did you ever think about the difficulties she faces in finding a stylist? Check out this fantastic artworks by Teo Zirinis, then swing by her website (HandsOffMyDinosaur.com) for tons more cool illustrations that, whether in the form of a print or a T-shirt, would make fantastic gifts!




But wait… there’s more! Looking for something a tad less ghoul-ish? How about mildly obscene fruit? Or mice fighting the good fight?


Fantastic as those are, however, our personal favorite has to be this absolutely perfect image which captures all the many demons waiting to gleefully devour your labors if you forget to push hit the “save” button!