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Art Exhibit Goes To The Dogs!

There are few things in life that we find more awesome than puppies. So when one of our friends over at Sweatpants And Coffee told us about an art exhibit specifically designed for our four-legged friends, we couldn’t wait to find out more about it.


As it turns out, there is both good news and bad news where the exhibit is concerned. The bad is that the gallery — sponsored by the folks at More Than insurance as part of their #PlayMore compaign to encourage pet owners to spend more time with their furry companions — is no longer open. The good news, however, is that there are plenty of photos and videos capturing the sheer joy felt by the dogs who got to experience it!

“Play helps stimulate [pets] physically and mentally, ” the company explained on their website, “and we believe happy pets are healthy pets.”  With that in mind, they reached out to designer Dominic Wilcox to oversee the exhibition.


The selected paintings — all displayed at a dog’s eye level — were all works done in the blue-yellow-gray color spectrum which the pooch’s actually see in. But the real highlight was the interactive elements, which featured water “dancing” from one dog bowl to another, a 10-foot dog bowl filled with balls designed to look like dog food, and faux car windows outside which sat giant fans blowing meat-scented breezes for the pups to enjoy!


“Contemporary art has long been an important source of inspiration and fascination for humans,” Wilcox explained, “but never before has it been created with a view to drawing the same kind of emotionsl out of animals instead.”


Art Installation Stuns Downtown L.A.

Los Angeles residents have seen it all. Or at least they thought they had, until an art display turned a kinda drab park that’s more concrete than grass was transformed by a stunning kinetic sculpture titled Liquid Shard.


Who Created It?

Slated to remain in Pershing Park until August 11, the instillation was designed by Patrick Shearn of Poetic Kinetics. He  worked with a group of young people from AA Visiting School Los Angles, which is a week-long program for design students, in overseeing the incredible installation. The photos featured here are from the AAVSLA Instagram page, where incredible videos of the installation can also be found.


As impressive as the photos may be, trust us when we say that nothing compares to seeing the sculpture in person as it dances and moves with the wind. Since chances are that most folks won’t get to experience the installation before it is removed, perhaps the next best thing is watching this video…

Their Next Big Project!

The folks at Poetic Kinetics are currently working on a major project to be unveiled at this year’s Burning Man. Called Fire In Balance In The Round.  Shearn and company are no strangers to Burning Man, where they have presented numerous incredible art pieces to the masses. In fact, their latest is an update of the 2014 presentation, which was described as “an installation made up of an inverted fire box suspended within a pagoda-like structural frame.”

For more on Fire In Balance 2016, and info on how you can help bring it to life, click here.