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Wrestling Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

Let’s face it: Sometimes, you want to just kick back and enjoy something brainless. And when it comes to entertainment, wrestling is probably about as brainless as it comes. We’re talking WWE Smackdown and Raw, which bills itself as “professional wrestling” in a way that makes you wonder if perhaps they don’t know what either word truly means… and is ridiculously fun.


Here, Max Landis — who wrote the fantastic flick Chronicle — does a nice job of explaining, in comedic fashion and with cameos from actors like Seth Green and David Arquette, the world of wrestling. He follows the rise of Triple H, the arrival of John Cena and, in our favorite segment, a dude known as The Undertaker.

“The undertaker is a wizard,” explains Landis, “a satanic magician, and no, I don’t know why he’s a wrestler.”

In the end, Landis explains why the fact that wrestling isn’t real doesn’t matter… and you’ll no doubt agree.

Warning: As one might expect, there’s a fair amount of bad language involved!