Cats Watching Horror Movies Is Apparently A Thing!

Earlier this week, someone sent us a link to a video of a cat watching a horror movie. “This would make a great Moment Of Awesome,” they said. “Don’t you think?” We most certainly did, and you can see why in the clip below.

But then we thought… wait, is this a thing? And as it turns out, it is! Apparently, cats really enjoy horror movies. Or at least, their owners really like their reactions to horror movies!

Now, we can’t say for sure that Cheetah is watching a horror flick, as claimed in the description, but he certainly seems to have assumed the position we usually take when doing so!

And while we sort of suspect that this is actually just a cute clip of a cat with music superimposed, who cares. It’s still awesome!

Proving they really are just like us, cats not only enjoy watching horror movies on TV, but they also know that Netflix offers a fine selection, and have become quite fond of streaming. Right, Bartholomew?

And finally, because we are an equal-opportunity blog, we’d be remiss if we didn’t give a shout out to movie-loving pups as well. We particularly like that in this video, the bulldog first turns from the movie to look at us as if to say, “Does this girl not KNOW she’s in danger?” and then, turning back to the movie, tries to warn her. Because he is, after all, man’s best friend.