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Possibly The Best Olympics Sportscast Ever!

As the 2016 Summer Olympics — which seemed largely comprised of beach volleyball and water polo — come to an end this weekend, we wanted to do something to honor the hard working folks who make it all possible. No, silly, not the athletes… the past two weeks have been about honoring them! No, we want to honor the broadcasters who find themselves in the sometimes unenviable position of having to fill time between events. So in that vein, we present what we believe might be the single best Olympics sportscasting video of all time. Or at least the funniest.

At first, it seems as if sportscaster Mary Carillo is simply going to talk to us a bit about the difference between the badminton set you might use in your back yard and those used at the Olympics. But before long, things spiral into an epic rant that we guarantee will not only have you laughing aloud, but sharing it with your friends. So join us now as we travel back to the year 2004, and we’ll let Mary take it from here…